Ráda se dívám do prázdna, do prázdna, které s sebou nese tajemství a zahalená slova s tvary.

Stále hledám. 

Z prázdna se stává hmatatelná plocha,

z které se derou ven divoké obrazce, o nichž snívám, nebo se vynořují z hloubky mojí mysli.


Date of birth: February 6, 1989 in Prague


Unrestrained (and sensuous) expressivity of colours emanates from the paintings by Adéla Tománková,

showing the stories and life experience, especially as far as figure painting and imaginary landscape painting is concerned. Her paintings are full of energy and joy, and sometimes sorrow too.

She has painted since childhood; she was also interested in fashion design, however, even her studies of fashion design did not divert her from painting; painting prevailed and her passion for painting has been supported by several courses.

Her paintings are created with no regard to any established rules of painting but with immense emotional charge.

Fearless and energetic layers of all colours possible may drive some art theorists to despair; however, the result is not in vain. She has no needs to create sophisticated intellectual concepts and the results of her work are, above all, authentically recorded emotions brought about by life and yet her paintings tell epic stories. They depict real countryside and people and also imaginary worlds and creatures and their more or less obvious messages.

As far as the source of inspiration is concerned, at the beginning when the pressure was excess it was enough for her to stare into space where mystery was contained in her imagination and nothingness materialized in surface out of which wild images started to emerge; images she was dreaming about and which were emerging spontaneously from the depth of her mind. In her paintings she was portraying people close to her, her boyfriend, her grandmother and especially her dog-friend Frída Dogó. As she gets older, there are of course more sources of inspiration, and the painter, even though still young physically, starts to cope with more life events. She sees her recent paintings, which comes across as calmer,

as diary entries of a kind, they are, to use her own words, the „Chronicle of her being“. For the first time, the motif of death appears involuntarily.

The way she is used to working is interesting too. While working, coffee, tobacco and inspiring music are a must have.

And, in addition, no-one is allowed to be there because she likes to sing when she paints and no-one would ever choose voluntarily to listen to her singing. Unfortunately, this approach excludes the presence of any witnesses of her work and the only thing we can do is trust her and wish her good luck in her work


Membership in associations

Nové sdružení pražských umělců (od 2017) www.nspu.cz



2019   Scholastika, Praha 2, Ateliér malby ( pod vedením JItka Mikulicová - Brody ) 

2018- 2019,  Ateliér Radostné tvorby, Praha 7

2016   Kurz Arteterapie, Art-In atelier Prague, Praha 2

2012  Figurální kresba, AVU Praha 7Kurzy


Stáž v Bruselu European School of Brussels, Brussels (Belgie). Několikatýdenní stáž v Bruselu.

Napsání divadelního scénáře, spolupráce při hereckých zkouškách pod vedením režiséra a dramaturga                                      Václava  Martince. Následného uvedení divadelní hry ve školním divadle European School of Brussels.

2004-  2009,  ART-IN Atelier Prague, Praha 2, ČR (Pod vedením N. Verner)

2004-2008,    Střední průmyslová škola oděvní, Praha 7, ČR obor oděvnictví


Selected solo exhibitions

2019        Splice, Výstavní síň Antonína Navrátila, Praha 3

2018        Pašeráci snů vol. II, Výstavní síň Antonína Navrátila, Praha 3

2017        Pašeráci snů, Kavárna Liberál, Praha 7

2016        Substance, Kavárna Jiný kafe, Praha 3

2016        Adéla Tománková, Uhelna club and restaurant, Praha 5

2015        Traffic lights, Galerie 1, Praha 1


Selected group exhibitions

2018        Žižkovský Montmartre, Galerie Toyen, Praha 3

2017        Společná výstava NSPU, Výstavní síň Antonína Navrátila, Praha 3

2016        Samorosti, NOD gallery, PRAHA 1

2014        Samorosti, NOD gallery, Praha 1

2013        Samorosti, NOD gallery, Praha 1 2009 Pod Čarou, Hala C, Praha


Paintings in film 

2017        Cena za štěstí, režie Olga Dabrowska



2013        Samorosti, 2. místo Cena diváka, NOD gallery, Praha 1